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Ic SA605DK

2004 years ago, MediaTeks most important business is DVD-ROM chip, whether it is DVD, computer or game console Wii, can not do without if you want the normal operation of the components. MediaTek is still in the early days of CD-ROM era, mainstream products is the speed to 4X and IC SA605DK and 8X models, MediaTek to launch 20-speed models, these models tragic sweep, but also to MediaTek established its market position.

SA605DK Suppliers

professional analysts believe that the world many companies are trying a similar low-cost computer project, such as "$ 100 computer", Intel "MID", but the ASUS Taiwan good at fashion design business into the portable PC, and SA605DK Suppliers and mass production, sought after by consumers. Meanwhile, for consumers, they will think this is a notebook computer, so the price has been the traditional notebook computer system may be a result of subversion.

SA605DK Price

As the first price of 99 yuan to enter the digital wireless headphones, Charm PC31 cells not only break again to lead the 2.4GHz wireless headphones hundred below the price line, but also in the work and SA605DK Price and configure the grid to maintain the charm has always been a solid and comprehensive. PC31 cells not only charm still using the Dyn-Elec wireless dynamic energy saving technology and high-performance polymer lithium battery, and specially selected cell Charm up to 8 times the magnetic force neodymium magnet iron Peng as the core unit, to provide a strong low-frequency PC31 dynamics.

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