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capacitor products exhibitors will include polypropylene capacitor manufacturer in Dongguan is also a long time Electronics Co., Ltd., ceramic capacitor manufacturer C & C (HK) Co, manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors on behalf of Open China International Enterprise Limited, Yan Rong Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd., China Star Components Co Ltd. and IC SA626DK and Fujikon Acoustics (Suzhou ) Co., Ltd., manufacturer of ceramic multilayer capacitors Shenzhen Yu Yang Technology Development Co., Ltd., loose appliance Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Industrial Co., Ltd. ST Micro, chip capacitor manufacturer ShenZhen Power Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., aluminum quality electrolytic capacitors and ceramic capacitors manufacturers Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. Rong Yan, film capacitor manufacturer Tian Tai Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., and Kai Li Electronics Co., Ltd. and so on.

SA626DK Suppliers

For further information on Orbotech provided in the PCB manufacturing process advantage and SA626DK Suppliers and success stories, please contact Orbotechs Taiwan branch, Tel: (03) 321-1515 or Orbotechs China branch, Tel: (86) 755-2602-1777.

SA626DK Price

"With the Shenzhou notebook computer, you also need to think of it?" The computer for the Shenzhou quite "provocation" means the advertisement, Lenovo said in a statement yesterday, the Shenzhen Shenzhou Computer Co., Ltd. released the ad violated the "Anti-Unfair Competition Law "," Advertising Law "and" advertising standard of review "the relevant provisions, but also seriously damaged the associations business reputation and SA626DK Price and product reputation. Shenzhou as a competitive relationship with Lenovo operators, such conduct not only violates business ethics, but also constitutes improper use of the Lenovo brand to raise its own, violating the legitimate rights and interests of association violations. Ding Hao reporters yesterday in Zhongguancun, Dragon and other electronic mall found that computer-related Shenzhou billboards have been quietly taken down. "This is the dealers personal behavior, and the Shenzhou company does not have relationships." Shenzhou computer Beijing branch manager, told reporters yesterday, Zhang Junjie, said he designed the dealer is not convenient to give evaluation of ad content. And one of the Top Electronics Shopping dealers not to be named, said the Shenzhou Shenzhou companies can not pass the buck to the distributor head. "We are only responsible for sales, billboards are the collar from them." Although the Shenzhou company official told the advertising language interpretation, said the "Lenovo" in the text only as a verb, but the vast majority of consumers will be directly think of Lenovo. "This is a very obvious play on words, entirely in walking a fine line." Shenzhou computer, a consumer bought Ouyang Peng told reporters that the Shenzhou this publicity that he was a bit disgusted, "not kind." According to the Chinese Peoples University Professor of Advertising Chen Xuan, Chinas "Advertising Law" stipulates that advertisements must not belittle the other producers and traders of goods or services. If you break the rules, advertising supervision and control authority to order responsible advertisers, advertising operators and advertisement publishers to stop open corrections, confiscate the advertising expenses at the same time, advertising costs and may impose a fine of more than five times.

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