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Ic SAA4700T

Nanchang New Century Venture Capital Co., said company chairman Zhu Libo, Nanchang is the accumulation of LED areas, Nanchang University, the technology is indeed a world-class technology, just Start saving us the degree of attention in the industry and IC SAA4700T and now can not be compared to the government and Nanchang in Jiangxi Province is now the LED industry, the government is very important, it would be as nurturing the future of billions of items. This, a major reason to benefit from the Jinsha River, Carlyle and other interventions LatticePower venture to bring the expansion of after effects, and now under the guidance of the government, the Jinsha River is willing to invest it in other places and future industries investment in industry production base in a place where passionate, Nanchang is indeed very appropriate, the Government land, taxation and other areas have given a lot of support, introduced a number of preferential policies.

SAA4700T Suppliers

&# 61548; activities Venue size: The main activity field (work area Songdo international city generation of 240 007 three thousand square meters) and SAA4700T Suppliers and ancillary activities, games, totaling 1.1 million square meters

SAA4700T Price

Huatai Securities analyst Xiao Hui of the joint sub-sectors were all sort descending by technology maturity, electrolyte> = lithium iron phosphate lithium hexafluorophosphate ( critical electrolyte material)> diaphragm; from product yield considerations, divide> lithium hexafluorophosphate> lithium iron phosphate> electrolyte; rising demand from the battery to consider room for growth, lithium iron phosphate> diaphragm> electrolyte = lithium hexafluorophosphate.

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