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Ic SAA4993H

with the community on vehicle safety, comfort , the pursuit of convenience, coupled with the rapid increase of energy consumption rate, air quality continues to fall, the traditional mechanical approaches have failed to meet the peoples severe demands on the performance of the car, and IC SAA4993H and the rise of electronic technology to provide a solution. As technology and electronic equipment to join, let the car from the monotony of machinery, sheet metal, electrical machinery, consisting of plastic products, become more energy and vitality, especially car is not a regularization of the standard, can be applied to high-tech is even more dazzling, amazing. Driving from the most obvious information systems and body systems to the engine under the hood hidden in the vehicle suspension systems and chassis systems. 30 years ago, the application of the semiconductor industry is the largest automobile market! Apple Computer in the Jobs family garage just from the birth, 70% of the semiconductor components are produced by car manufacturers to (the main application for the engine ignition / control system). Last 5 years within the automotive industry for more than 90% of the innovations associated with the electronic system, a new generation of automotive electronic components within the number of more rapid growth in geometric progression (a VW new car costs more than conventional electronic components parts cost): from the driver control systems, innovative active safety warning systems, vehicle control and trip computer, vehicle mobile communications and navigation systems to improve the energy efficiency of the engine micro-control chip, airbag control chip, no key type (Keyless) Start the engine of the security chip, the car cabin temperature control sensors, automotive radar and imaging systems to the latest car popular vehicles with a digital TV receiver and digital entertainment systems. With the Hybrid hybrid, PHEV plug-in hybrids and hydrogen-powered vehicles became more common, the future of electronic components, the cost of a new car as much as much as 60% of vehicle cost.

SAA4993H Suppliers

, However, the device hit the market in general than the market is still Kaigegaozou operations. Ministry of Information Industry recently released the end of 2002 the Chinese carrier revenue rankings, last year, several major telecom operators completed a total communication business income of 457.6 billion yuan, an increase of more than 14% the previous year. Among them, China Mobile, the income ratio to 37.4% in first place; China's telecommunications revenue market share of 32.5%, ranking second; China Netcom to 16.6% in third, so far the only full-service provider in China Unicom fourth place, the business income ratio was 12.1%. The other two China Railcom and SAA4993H Suppliers and China Satcom share of the sum, accounting for 1.4%.

SAA4993H Price

electronics boom also bring e-waste pollution. Electronic products, lead, hexavalent chromium, cadmium and SAA4993H Price and mercury and other substances harmful to human, and natural environment of the pollution, so reducing the pollution of electronic products has become an urgent national need to solve the problem. From the source to contain hazardous substances is the best approach. Europes ROHS directive has been provided since July 1, 2006, all sold in the EU market of electrical and electronic equipment must prohibit the use of lead, mercury (Hg), cadmium, hexavalent chromium and other heavy metals, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and other flame retardants. Therefore, the development of non-cadmium batteries, such as mercury, lead-free solder and other electronic materials has become a green electronic materials industry must face challenges.

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