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Abundant rare earth resources in China, the green LED lighting products is expected to accomplish a great deal above, let us see the green LED lighting in China a new hope! Shinoda Plasma and IC SAA7129AH and Kobe University, Hyogo Prefectural Industrial Technology Center and the Japanese YUMEX jointly developed by Shinoda Plasma display developed "PTA (PlasmaTubeArray)" of the thin film ultraviolet (UV) light source side. UV treatment goal is the practical application and other medical and industrial uses. The development of the surface light source, may be issued for the medical use of the excellent treatment of 311nm wavelength ultraviolet light. Wavelength bandwidth of only 1.5nm, suitable for use in the medical field. Luminous intensity of about 2mW/cm2. Medical use of UV light most of the use of mercury (Hg) lamp light source, from the perspective of environmental load, we need a replacement for mercury-free light. The face of the light source is mercury-free. There are two main points of general development. First, the structure will be improved display for the PTA for the construction of light source devices. Second is the development of a specific wavelength can be gathered from the UV light energy and phosphor. Using rare earth phosphor element gadolinium (Gd). Trial of the extended source size 30cm × 30cm, thickness 0.7mm. Weight is about 100g. The Japanese Ministry of Economy as 2009-2010, "Regional innovation research and development operations", by Shinoda Plasma and three other companies in the research community developed. Details on development of technology, in the September 14, 2010 beginning at a symposium held at the University of Nagasaki, "Fall 2010 session of Applied Physics 71 academic lectures will be" made public.

SAA7129AH Suppliers

While the NOR flash memory business is about to sell the rumor was not confirmed, but other industry observers believe that Intels flash memory business lost money and SAA7129AH Suppliers and market share, it is expected will be divided off of the business. Market research firm Gartner research director Jeremey Donovan said: "Our analysts Clare Hisrt August this year, predicted the end of this year Intel will sell in the NOR flash memory business."

SAA7129AH Price

Mortimer TV Box is a widescreen high-definition version of the host can open a free TV box to watch TV, support 1080P HD component inputs, perfectly compatible with all kinds of video game console, high-definition players and SAA7129AH Price and other devices, transfer of picture quality is very good. Digital processing chip, color, image clarity, support for 24-inch widescreen LCD, 16:9; 16:10; 4:3 ratio of a variety of display modes, 1920 * 1200 high-resolution display, no complex operations can clearly watch TV. Fully compatible with CRT and LCD monitors.

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