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Recently, the State Golden Card Project Coordination Leading Group Office, the Chinese RFID (radio frequency identification) Industry Alliance, jointly issued the "2008 China RFID Development Report." The report shows that Chinas RFID industry in 2008 reached 6.58 billion yuan market scale is expected to reach 7.03 billion yuan in 2009.

SAA7196H Suppliers

The projections, complete with Hisense Kelon white once the integration of assets, the size of its annual sales income is expected to more than 10 billion yuan. However, Kelon, a high-level yesterday to the "First Financial Daily" reporters, Hisense Kelon and SAA7196H Suppliers and white integration is expected to be completed this year is difficult, "Our commitment is to complete the integration before the end of March next year."

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State of fashion crystal charm i60 wireless mouse skin using symmetrical design. Increase in rubber on both sides of the unique design touch to enhance a sense of control, anti-skid capability better, more comfortable grip. With delicate metal wheel mouse, highlight the texture and SAA7196H Price and elegant; products in addition to buttons and scroll wheel left and right, but still has a dpi switch button beneath the scroll wheel, 1000dpi and 1600dpi two steps can easily switch between applications to meet the needs of different situations, At the same time transparent dpi switch button or low voltage lights, ready to monitor the battery capacity, integration of a variety of convenient operation, filling the giant human design style.

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