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Ic SAA7326H/E

Semiconductor test company Verigy Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (Verigy Ltd.) For 65 nm and IC SAA7326H/E and smaller process produced by the digital IC wafer testing (Wafer Sort) test and the final process (Final Test), introduced the structure and function of the executable test V93000 Nanoelectronics Digital Signal Test Solution (Nanoelectronics Digital Solution). The new design will greatly benefit from this solution provides in-depth information, and test high efficiency at the lowest cost of test (CoT), accelerate time to market.

SAA7326H/E Suppliers

under the "energy base in Wuxi New Development Plan", will focus on the layout of the PV industry in Wuxi New District, Huishan, Jiangyin City, and SAA7326H/E Suppliers and the Lake District. By 2010, the citys total number of PV companies will seek to expand to 100 in the design of solar cells and modules total capacity reached 5500MW, the actual sales revenue for 1000 yuan. Wind energy industry, will be Huishan, Jiangyin City, and New focus areas, relying on the existing casting advantage, supporting and personnel, as well as good infrastructure, convenient water and land transportation conditions, wind Jiangyin Industrial Park Planning and Construction Luoshe Industrial Park and other national parks wind, the formation of wind energy equipment industry gathering area. By 2012, the basic formation of 200 million KW machine manufacturing capacity and 200 billion sales.

SAA7326H/E Price

"In fact, even without the official statement, the establishment of national foreign exchange investment company is also a matter of time." China Merchants Bank (15.17, -0.47, -3.01%), chief foreign exchange Wang Xiaomeng analyst in an interview yesterday, said that all along, Chinas foreign exchange reserves by the Administration of Foreign Exchange is responsible for managing an organization. Late last year, this part of the symbolic capital of Chinas comprehensive national strength to break through the trillion dollar mark for the first time, China has become the worlds largest foreign currency reserves.

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