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Ic SAB8237A-5-N

Currently, MP4 mobile phone market in China reached 300 million yuan and IC SAB8237A-5-N and an annual growth rate of 300% is expected by 2008, a scale of 100 billion market is about the formation of MP4. As a sign of the times of 3G products, with the portable video-enabled mobile phone will become the next stage of the mainstream market. In 2005, the number of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to seek their own music mobile phone market in the areas of competitive advantage, the introduction of different brands of music products, the new music phone supports a variety of music formats, the sound is also better expression.

SAB8237A-5-N Suppliers

National Semiconductor Corporation (National Semiconductor Corporation, NS) latest PowerWise 3Gbps (3G) serial digital interface (SDI) cable equalizer can simplify system design various kinds of products can be widely broadcast facilities should be in the video routers, video switching devices, video distribution amplifiers, editing and SAB8237A-5-N Suppliers and conversion equipment, and other system design. The power pole at the end of the equalizer LMH0384 regardless of the length of the cable, the signal output alignment jitter is lower than other similar products, more in line with engineers on hardware design. In general, the more stringent jitter requirements, the less system noise, in other words, the less the signal error, the more clear and sharp images.

SAB8237A-5-N Price

to the first application of cell PC4001 48KHz/16Bit digital sampling rate, the 2.4G digital wireless headphones to really 44.1KHz/16Bit bit rate to meet the level of CD audio. This In theory, 2.4G digital wireless headset has solved the transfer from wired to wireless quality problem.

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