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Ic SAB82538HV3.1

First, the economic globalization trend will not change, but there will be twists and IC SAB82538HV3.1 and turns, for the instrumentation industry, foreign economic strength and market demand has been seriously affected , capacity expansion lower than the original initiative. "Recently, developed countries economic entity of the voice on high, its impact remains to be seen, but abroad, generally considered the importance and status of the Chinese market to rise further ." Secondly, foreign-funded enterprises within the industry started by the "Manufacturing + market" to a market-oriented changes. This was reflected in "Outside of" the tendency of increase, the role of processing and assembly base for growing weaker. "So many foreign companies for export, it will be gradually adjusted to both inside and outside; and both inside and outside the enterprise within the turn-based." Xi Jiacheng said, "the cooperation of foreign and local enterprises to produce mainly the original, it is now operating , application, integration, service enterprises co-operative marked increase in market power or a strong selection of manufacturers to cooperate, before a large investment, small market, now is a small investment, big market, are often manufactured by a single co-start, constantly expand the business scope ."

SAB82538HV3.1 Suppliers

P-screen 17,19 inch LCD panel prices down because the reasons for a continuous decline in value in the most recent this is not surprising, and SAB82538HV3.1 Suppliers and today visited the tree in the market where they discover a classic 19-inch Acer AL1916W Widescreen LCD recently went so far as "me too" brandished a knife and cut the yuan from 1,699 yuan broke the price of the high cost price, which prepared for the recent purchase of 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor is undoubtedly regarded as a consumer is very good news.

SAB82538HV3.1 Price

Chinas chip market growth is expected to be a peak year in the end, the growth rate will reach 20% of the total value of 517 billion U.S. dollars, will gradually cool down after two years. According to market research company to a new report, Chinas chip market growth will slow next year to about 18% the following year, will continue to decline to 10%. By 2010, the growth rate will be re-raised to 14%. Earlier this week, the price pressure and SAB82538HV3.1 Price and high water inventory to Gartner global chip market growth forecasts down to 6.4% in 2007 and 2008 to 8.2%. In the past few years, in order to compensate for lost time, a trend that the Chinese boom in building new fabs, allowing them to chip market growth has been at the global front, it continues to attract IDM and OEM manufacturers to set up a body to improve their design capabilities. Growth is one of the most common theme, touching the field and from the chip to the commodity and luxury goods such as clothing. iSuppli pointed out that some observers worry that Chinas technology industry and the overall economy may be entering a dangerous "non-persistent over-expansion" period. In other words, a bubble may be formed. "Some people worry that Chinas electronics OEM manufacturers will continue to expand sales, regardless of whether the purchasing power of consumers continues to rise, exports are to grow," iSuppplis president and chief analyst at China Research ByronWu said. "From the macro level, the overheated economy could be catastrophic for the foam, so that Chinas stock and property markets are increasing concerns derailed." Nevertheless, ByronWu believe that Chinas chip industry still has a chance to escape this disaster. He said that in 2004 China has seen economic overheating, when the industry growth rate of almost 40%, but was eventually achieved sustained and stable growth, the growth rate between 10% -20%.

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