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Westmere-EX is the next generation of Nehalem-EX, which contains 8 cores, and IC SAF-C164CI-8EM and is considered the fastest Intel processors to date. Westmere-EX each core can run two threads simultaneously, making this CPU can run 20 threads.

SAF-C164CI-8EM Suppliers

, After the British Philip's body shell is made using a one-time injection, seamless, durable surface is the same with the Archos 7, die casting process, it is very high. To the appearance of simplicity, the key was placed in the top of the machine, the operation is also very convenient.

SAF-C164CI-8EM Price

E5200 and SAF-C164CI-8EM Price and GTS250, one is the generation of the classic CPU, a graphics card is now super-mainstream games disk hand, then the combination of the two or DX10 games in the mainstream today, how? Believe this is the concern of many users. To know the problem, as measured by generation of DX10 graphics card benchmark - 3DMarkVantage, "Far Cry 2" and "Crysis

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