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SAN FRANCISCO Nov. 27, according to investigation reports that the upcoming Christmas business war, major retailers will not be disappointed. It reports, survey data showed that U.S. consumers this year will once again open the wallet for the consumer electronics market. According to the Consumer Electronics Association predicts that this year the United States during the Christmas season, the total sales of consumer electronics gifts will be over 21.7 billion U.S. dollars, a figure full year rose 27.6% over the same period, which is 170 million. Analysts said that this years darling of the consumer electronics market will be the home video host, for example, Sonys PS3 has just listed and IC SC1102CS and Nintendo Wii. In fact, as early as one month ago, paved the major electronics retailers have started sourcing, to fight at the end of the competition. Vice president of market research firm NPD, said: "The major retailers do not suppress each other, this year the huge market demand means that companies can find their own position." Analysts said that in sales, the pure high-definition television will continue to be flat leading the market, while the flat screen TV prices "will fall to the extent that people dream of." According to statistics, from January to September this year, HDTV sales increase over last year a full 52%, while the price is more than fell 8% last year. In addition, the digital music player will continue the brilliant last Christmas, including the Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune, including products, will be the best person for Christmas, analysts predict, unlike last year, integrated WiFi wireless digital music player, will become the darling of the market this year. On the other hand, online consumer electronics retail market will grow rapidly, according to Jupiter predicts online buying this year than last years total sales rose 18% to 320 billion U.S. dollars. According to statistics provided by AOL, 80% of U.S. Internet users said they wanted to buy Christmas presents through the network.

SC1102CS Suppliers

Global chip components most of the leading enterprises have set up factories in China, Therefore, the Chinese chip components industry, the competitive environment has become a "national competition, international, international competition, domestic" of the situation. As the global mobile phone access to 3G, multimedia and SC1102CS Suppliers and smart phone era, PC into 64-bit and dual-core CPU time, large-screen flat-panel TV into the TV era, the whole stand-alone use of passive components, including chip capacitors, chip resistors , chip inductors and other machine than the previous generation increased by 50%, components industry into a new round of full recovery period. Japanese manufacturers have phased out the production above the 0603 resistance-size products or exit the field, the current 0402 film resistance has become the main market demand, while the exclusion part of the state is still in tight supply. Chip components in the future will be a mainstream product gradually to 0402 or 0201 0603 transition, the demand for chip components will continue to grow. 2006 is expected to multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors and chip resistors demand for an increase of about 15%, chip inductors increase of 25%.

SC1102CS Price

output of high growth is partly because the international demand led the company directly to the growth of output, such as Shanghai Kyocera, Samsung Electronics, Samsung, both high-tech rapid growth of motor output in 2005; the other hand, the The statistics over the previous year added some statistics of Taiwan-funded or foreign-funded enterprises, such as chip resistors added Wang Quan technology, Xing and SC1102CS Price and e-statistics, the two companies and chip resistor production of 790 million; Added Chip Capacitor Yageo Electronics, Murata Electronics Suzhou, Suzhou Darfon statistics, the three companies and for MLCC production of 65.3 billion.

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