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Ic SC1104AIS

Following Apple Computer (Apple) launched in September 2005 after the 4GB flash memory MP3, Samsung Electronics (SamsungElectronics) is expected to launch in the fourth quarter will also be the fastest 4GBFlashMP3, president of Samsung Electronics Pugen Xi said China, as Samsung continued to a higher-capacity Flash products development, the fastest launch of the fourth quarter will 4GBFlashMP3. In addition, Samsung in China, has 28 production facilities, 38 sales corporations, the future will be in China to establish a complete marketing system, to provide customers with essential needs at any time. Samsung MP3 products in 2004 sold 140 million units worldwide, Samsung said that 2005 will be serious business MP3 market, the challenge of 500 million units annual goal, Pugen Xi said that Samsung high-capacity Flash products to the direction of sustainable development, and IC SC1104AIS and MP3 Samsung Electronics focus on developing products, is expected to be in the fourth quarter of 2005 or first quarter of 2006, introduced 4GBFlashMP3, MP3 to expand the product line in 2005 global sales goal of 500 million units are also expected to be reached. For other Samsung products in the Taiwan market, Pugen Xi said that Samsung IT products in Taiwan, more appealing, but some white goods need to be strengthened, Samsung China currently has 28 production facilities, 38 sales corporations and 4 R & D center in 50,000 of the staff, 2,000 R & D personnel, optimistic about the development potential of China, the future will be the establishment of commodity development, planning, production and marketing of a complete marketing system, to provide customers with the necessary requirements at any time. Pu Genxi the 28th to come to Taiwan to participate in National Palace Museum in Taiwan sponsored by Samsung celebrate the 80th anniversary of the exhibition's press conference, which is the first time the National Palace NT received more than ten million yuan of foreign sponsors, Samsung hope as an expression of respect for Taiwan, the meaning of culture . hazards caused no small

SC1104AIS Suppliers

you take a bath every day, you may be washed in the winter when the cold water bath and SC1104AIS Suppliers and cried, and now do not worry, with the addition of modern technology, can also be done quite a shower creativity, add LED lights this WaterTherapy effect, the maximum can reach 480, each aimed at a water hole, and the programmable color LED lights, the rich variety of color changing pace, you can switch to different people according to the same time, the color You can also change at different temperatures when, how, to your home bathroom fitted with it, just to remind you do not forget to take a bath time.

SC1104AIS Price

Sony originally scheduled before the end of this fiscal year, its shareholding in the joint venture increased from 7% to 34%, but Sony now plans to fully adjust the television sector operations costs, a joint venture to Sony and SC1104AIS Price and Sharp LCD panel plant procurement parts may be reduced.

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