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Ic SC11091CV/AAA

Analysts believe that, AMD is the ulterior intention of covering up its real intention is to transfer technology coveted Chinese market. Ruiz, said in an interview: "global consumer electronics industry the opportunity to trillions of dollars, the Greater China region with the most center, mainland China is the kingdom of consumer product manufacturing. AMD X86 technology that has great potential, especially for the pursuit of fast processors, consumer electronics, this is certainly the trend of the market will have a profound impact, we can help in product development in China reached a leading position. "

SC11091CV/AAA Suppliers

In addition to the cost of TFT touch screen for everyone concerned, the meeting room, we also discussed the possibility of AMOLED touch screen. With better OLED display, loved by the users, but the cost is its biggest business obstacle. TFT currently the cost is more than twice. Shanghai Tianma Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Market Liu, vice director of the whole that realized in the OLED touch control barriers from a technical point of view is not the main obstacle remains the cost. "At present we do not see people for large-scale OLED investment, no large-scale investment can not be cost down. I predict the next five years the cost of OLED and SC11091CV/AAA Suppliers and TFT are not competitive." He said. ● Super capacitors have the fast charge and discharge on the environment without pollution, long cycle life, etc., have to become the century of new green energy

SC11091CV/AAA Price

back to think about, when we develop CRT industry and SC11091CV/AAA Price and become the strongest countries in global manufacturing time, we do not have much energy to study the flat panel display . At that time, we feel that CRT formed a complete industrial chain, can be said to have been content to show us the worlds largest industrial manufacturing base. But we did not invest early in the new generation of display technology, so it is very passive. Last year, our flat panel TV production has more than 4,000 million units, the basic Ping resources from foreign companies or China Taiwan enterprises.

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