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Study: Rain Snow global leader in programmable solutions, Xilinx and IC SC1404ISS and the Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee, today announced the establishment of the Wuxi National IC Design Base FPGA (field programmable gate array) Innovation Center, and the race was held Spirit of a duly authorized thinking "Wuxi National IC Design Base - Xilinx Joint Laboratory" ceremony. Zhu Xiaohong, deputy director of Wuxi New District Administrative Committee and the Senior Director of Xilinx Research Laboratories, Global University project leaders Patrick Lysaght, attended the inaugural meeting of the Joint Laboratory for opening. As a national IC design bases, the new innovation center in FPGA and the joint laboratory set up to build, meaning that the field of programmable design in the rapid development of electronic design has increasingly become the mainstream, from simple digital logic, microprocessors, DSP to the IC design, from electronic toys, automatic control, data transmission to high-performance communications systems, programmable design extends to virtually every area of electronic design applications; also means Wuxi National IC Design Base and international leaders in the joint cooperation promote the development of advanced technologies to go in the front. Currently, Xilinx and the Wuxi New District Management Committee have signed a memorandum of cooperation in the Xilinx software, technology and other aspects of full investment. Meanwhile, Xilinx University Program will be through the partner, Shanghai Zhi Xiang Technology Co., Ltd. (Ultrawise) to the Wuxi New District to provide technical guidance and support, while the Wuxi New District will actively provide the necessary facilities to ensure the smooth operation of the joint lab.

SC1404ISS Suppliers

In fact, the demolition of China Mobiles proposition is not removed, not new, as early as four years ago have emerged. In October 2003, the National Development and SC1404ISS Suppliers and Reform Commission, Institute of Economic System and Management Fellow, Wei Shi, once said, "is too strong to be split in the movement." Should be said that people of insight to see the telecommunications industry has long been exacerbated by imbalances dangerous and thus proposed split of China Mobile.

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Due to the "Starcraft 2" of love, so many players watching the game, a new game era is coming. Players were concerned about the game, see if your hardware platform is ready? "StarCraft 2" requirements on the hardware platform is not very high, but you want the game more attractive picture of a good gaming platform is essential.

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