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Ic SC16312

Lenovo Mobile and IC SC16312 and Warner, the co-operation, not only based on "Superman Returns" movie in the marketing aspect of the joint promotion; as the star of Lenovo Mobile products over the summer entertainment phone i750 is emitted from the inside out "Superman" temperament. It is fully built-exclusive license to Warner's "Superman Returns" video clips, Superman pictures, and unique ring tones, can be said that the Ministry of large tracts of the first to "premiere"; and its superior performance is the ultra-entertainment " Superman "phone is the best interpretation. For the majority of Superman's FANS, the Lenovo i750 handset as the world's first "Superman" phone, no doubt fit in the bag is a new collection.

SC16312 Suppliers

whales optical predecessor, is a traditional enterprise - Money Macro cement. But the money into high-tech field macro cement, all of a sudden the market to seize the high ground. with technical support from the CAS Institute of Semiconductors, sea whale of time by less than 3 years to develop into a set of extension chip, package, LED Applications (LED lights, backlight) and SC16312 Suppliers and other industries as one of the high-tech companies . "LED industry chain mainly includes substrate design technology , wafer production, the final formation of chips. For a long time, LED wafer and chip market up

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new platform using 130nm process, STMicroelectronics, the depth of this platform is optimized logic transistors using ultra-low leakage current, low-voltage transistors by analog functions, while selected innovative low-power embedded memory, the new low-voltage low-power standard peripherals and SC16312 Price and innovative power management framework. Together, these improved technologies can significantly reduce dynamic and static power consumption, micro-controller to the future than the current products on the market performance of low power consumption power is more significant than the progress.

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