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In addition to LED modular addition, LED lights become more mature, intelligent system development, also contribute to the development of LED lights. As the current intelligence system can, as the road conditions, depending on whether the car after someone, or the environment to control the LED lights switch, adjust the brightness, to increase the service life of LED lights, to the effect of energy conservation, intelligent systems can be used with solar or wind power, so that the power source can be self-sufficient, do not need to rely on traditional power sources in remote areas conducive to off-grid use, and IC SC600BIMSTRT and the future development of the environment can be adjusted automatically according to different brightness, color, angle, lighting can also real-time usage monitoring, but also to look pretty LED lights are more prospects.

SC600BIMSTRT Suppliers

According to the ninth city on November 15 announced third-quarter 2007 reported revenues of 316 million yuan NINETOWNS the third quarter, up 35% But the net profit of 38.2 million yuan, down 41% from a year earlier. Among them, from paid online game operations net income of 278.9 million yuan (about 37.2 million U.S. dollars) (including the time for playing games, merchandise and SC600BIMSTRT Suppliers and installation package sales and other income included), growth of 13%, an increase of 21% ; from operations selling games based on articles 32 million yuan net income (U.S. $ 4,300,000) (including in-game item sales and installation package sales included), growth of 97%. Ninetowns Jun Zhu, chairman and CEO, said third-quarter results met Ninetowns expects the bottom line. With Ninetowns early September issue of "World of Warcraft - Burning Crusade" expansion pack, "World of Warcraft" online at the same time hit its highest level again, "Wonder of the World" was doing to bring stability NINETOWNS income, but still did not achieve net profit growth NINETOWNS.


International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition. From the first development in 1967 has been 43 years of history. The 43rd CES show in Beijing January 7, 2010 grand opening in Las Vegas.

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