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Ic SC84036CV

the industry is more worried about is the sustainability of the development of the Internet industry, or just the heat of a year or two? Internet market after the brand almost no evolution, development, and IC SC84036CV and to direct influx of cottage. Although this contributed to the market hot, but quickly entered the market to shop the Red Sea. The emergence of a variety of price killer has to include cottage industry, including how many businesses do not make a profit, even the cottage I am afraid the brilliant early phone difficult to copy.

SC84036CV Suppliers

Maxim introduced MAX16831 high-voltage, high power, constant current LED driver with analog and SC84036CV Suppliers and PWM dimming. The LED driver integrates a floating LED current-sense amplifier and dimming MOSFET driver minimize component count can be, and to meet high-brightness (HB) LED automotive and general lighting applications, high reliability requirements. MAX16831 work input voltage range of 5.4V to 76V, can withstand harsh environments, thereby ensuring compatibility in a cold-start and load (up to 80V). The devices are optimized to meet the new headlights design requirements, ideal for high beam and low beam lamps, adaptive front light systems, daytime running lights and fog lights. MAX16831 work in high frequency, with a wide (1000:1) dimming range, built-in analog and PWM control. On-chip analog control signal and the signal compared to 200Hz ramp, simplifying the design of multi-level brightness adjustment. In the entire automotive operating temperature range, the LED driver can provide ± 5% of the LED current control accuracy, ensures excellent brightness matching. As low as 100mV of the LED current-sense reference and 1.4A/1.2A source / sink current capability of the internal gate driver for high efficiency, thereby minimizing the heating device. Dedicated enable / shutdown the shutdown mode input current to less than 45μA. MAX16831 overvoltage and overcurrent protection with output, and thermal and LED short circuit protection. Devices can operate at -40 ° C to +125 ° C automotive temperature range, the use of lead-free, 5mmx5mm, 32-pin TQFN package with exposed pad.

SC84036CV Price

ompeting integrated LED industry chain development of the Pearl River Delta Comments: a small chip, but the equivalent of a supercomputer computing power, and SC84036CV Price and power consumption is surprisingly small. Over the past seem impossible, but now gradually become a reality, people can not help but lament the limits of human creativity: only think, not impossible.

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