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Ic SI2302DS

Shanghai property market as the recent "pick up on the" rampant, in the last April, the Shanghai-hand housing transaction of goods and IC SI2302DS and the market showing a popular gathering heat of development. Yesterday, the Shanghai Housing Index Office released the latest monthly report showed that house last month for the 1325 Shanghai Housing Price Index, representing March rose 15 points, or 1.2%, compared to last year rose 4.4%.

SI2302DS Suppliers

South Korea TelechipsTCC8901 chip solution with support RMVBAVI, H.264.DAT, MPEGFLV networks and SI2302DS Suppliers and other mainstream video formats, the maximum resolution can support up to 1080p (1920 × 1080), also supports subtitles. The program for all video hardware decoding have reached the standard of 30fps smooth, support OTG and HDMI, the performance is very strong.

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this connection, the network reporters Dragon" Magic Online "Director of Operations Mrs respect," the dragon will be the brand and SI2302DS Price and service network to win! Many Heroes cottage Network Tour Fierce, but because of its all web games, regardless of the content in the product, the game structure and player services, have not constitute the "Magic Online" impact. " Although rivals in strategic defiance, and in the tactics, the net impact of the dragon on the cottage or the game has enough attention. "Of course, otherwise it would not support the Ubisoft game to combat infringement cottage," Mrs laughed.

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