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Ic SI2303DS

SMIC Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation is changing the strategy, investment fab. Early October, Texas Instruments acquired by the SMIC Chengdu Municipal Government on behalf of the management into the core semiconductor manufacturing company.

SI2303DS Suppliers

LT3845 can generate 1.23V to 36V output voltage. Switching frequency is programmable from 100kHz to 500kHz, or can be synchronized to an external clock up to 600kHz. Current mode control provides fast line and SI2303DS Suppliers and load transient response, and by-cycle overcurrent protection. Built-in regulator provides IC power directly from the input power, without the need for a separate bias voltage. Other features include short circuit protection, adjustable soft-start, thermal shutdown and precision input undervoltage lockout. LT3845 adaptive non overlap control, this control method can maintain a constant dead time, through switch currents, the external MOSFET switches are not the type, size or operating conditions.

SI2303DS Price

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