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Ic SI4420DY

AUO executive vice president of global operations Peng double wave revealed that production is only a beginning, and IC SI4420DY and then will immediately expand the line of technical support in the establishment of the Friends of the backlight module production line, the progressive realization of parts localization objectives. According to reports, will be a long intellectual optical liquid crystal display, LCD TV and optoelectronic components and related peripheral products, production, processing, assembly and maintenance for the main operations. First phase of construction of the four glass substrate and backlight module assembly process production line, expected to produce 24-inch, 32 inch, 37 inch, 42 inch, 46-inch LCD Module 3 million, with annual sales of 50-60 billion. The first liquid crystal display module is currently fully operational. Comments: capitalist pursuit of profits is born, the trading loss will never do. Samsung dare to spending a huge amount of money that is obviously optimistic about next years market trends, it also proves that the economic recovery is not peoples dreams, but is approaching reality.

SI4420DY Suppliers

According to the latest forecast Information Network, MEMS device growth will be affected by the global credit crisis, as consumer electronics accounted for more than 50% of MEMS market. "Global MEMS devices, equipment and SI4420DY Suppliers and raw materials market: Forecasting and Strategies" in the expected new applications for the MEMS industry will grow 25% in 2008 to achieve 2.5 billion. In dollar terms, the market will grow 11% to 7.8 billion. The forecast said the 78 billion dollars in overall value, the consumer part will exceed 35 billion U.S. dollars. By 2012, consumer applications like MEMS will realize 7.1 billion, when the overall market will reach 15.4 billion U.S. dollars, such MEMS market share of about 46%. Robert Castellano, president of Information Network, said, "In the MEMS market will remain strong case, despite some fear, uncertainty or indecision factors, we still achieve business growth, there are still many new MEMS applications, in consumer Buy season appears weak demand situation, find the entry point for the market. "

SI4420DY Price

Leading Korean LED maker Seoul Semiconductor (Seoul Semiconductor Co. Ltd) announced that the U.S. District Court in California, according to "Lanham Act" (Lanham Act) and SI4420DY Price and California law, on October 14, 2008 dismissed Nichia Nichia Corporation and the U.S. company (Nichia) on the case of Seoul Semiconductors patent infringement litigation. The lawsuit began in December 2007, Seoul Semiconductor and Nichia to (Nichia) patent litigation between the statement to the media. At that time, Seoul Semiconductor to court ruling on this case overview of the legal (non-final ruling) made public. Taking into account both the debate and testimony, the U.S. court found no evidence that Seoul Semiconductors actions caused any harm to the Japan Asia, and ultimately rejected Nichias lawsuit. Trial results are as follows: 1. Seoul Semiconductor Asia to Japan without paying any compensation costs. 2. Seoul Semiconductor will receive a victory at trial for all of the contents of the sub-request. 3. Nichia Seoul Semiconductor should be compensated for the costs associated with litigation arising.

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