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Ic SI4430DY

Wuhan Optical Valley Microelectronics Co., Ltd. by the Yanhuang Optical Valley Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China and IC SI4430DY and Japan TOABO Micro Technology Co., Ltd. joint venture established with a total investment amounted to 2 billion, focusing on the development of new power semiconductor device production. Our products enable the generation of electricity, transport, conversion and use of optimal control, substantial energy savings, reduce raw material consumption, but the scale of the domestic industry has not yet formed, more than 90% need to rely on imports, the market development space.

SI4430DY Suppliers

Tong Xing stressed in his speech, the Pearl River Delta region should adhere to scientific development, pilot, and SI4430DY Suppliers and vigorously promote the integration of information technology and industrialization, and promote information technology in industrial applications , penetration and integration of information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries and accelerate the development of new industries, growth of pillar industries, building a modern industrial system, enhance the independent innovation capacity, and embark on a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the new road to industrialization. Science Hill at the meeting on behalf of Yang and the Ministry of Information Industry of Guangdong Province to grant "the Pearl River Delta integration of national information technology and industrialization test area" plaque, Yang Xue Shan, Tong Xing also modern information service industry in Guangdong Province Association was inaugurated.

SI4430DY Price

Subsequently, the Philips display devices division to China, Mr. Guo Yuanlong, general manager of the company's business operations in 2005 to all the agents were informed: In 2005, Philips monitors the successful completion of the early development of the annual sales plan and SI4430DY Price and achieve a 20% increase over 2004 over target. Also said that confidence in the Chinese market in 2006 to ensure steady growth to achieve the same ratio. At the same time, LCD has become the main pillar of the business of Philips monitors, and because of the lead industry, power and big-screen Philips LCD monitors are also becoming a strong driving force for future development. This information gave a great encouragement to the participating agents.

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