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Ic SI4435

market research agency iSuppli statistics for the analog IC market, after that the 2nd quarter so far this year, including the power bipolar chips, MOS transistors (MOSFET), small signal processors, rectifier and IC SI4435 and other components, delivery has reached 18 to 20 weeks, which represents the supply side and demand components side there are great differences, particularly in foundry and IC packaging and testing plant capacity serious shortage of the first 3 quarters delivery is expected still no sign of shortening.

SI4435 Suppliers

Europe, America and SI4435 Suppliers and Japan, the unemployment rate remains high in advanced countries, the European sovereign debt problem has not been resolved, the phone works and gradually came under the revised document plant shipments news, legal circles on semiconductor market sentiment turned more pessimistic. However, according to iSuppli market research agencies and distributors, said part of the analog and power management IC, memory, digital logic chips and other supplies are still tight, in addition to hike prices, delivery end of the quarter 2 has been stretched to 18 to 20 weeks , 3 parts out of the haze season still exists.

SI4435 Price

Thus, in recent years, domestic wafer, chip and SI4435 Price and other industries also showed a trend of rapid development, such as the Hangzhou Silan epitaxial wafers and chips continue to expand production capacity to gradually increase the wafer self-gravity. Domestic LED industry is gradually move away from River packages, application-oriented development model, and the simultaneous development of upstream and downstream into the trends, industrial structure upgrade.

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