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Ic SI4542DY-T1-E3

Despite recent consolidation in the industry, the lack of killer applications, PC Market under the influence of such factors as the increasingly saturated, Semiconductor industrial growth has been slowing phenomenon. But the market research firm In-Stat Jim McGregor, principal analyst at a recent seminar held in Taipei has brought very positive, optimistic view.

SI4542DY-T1-E3 Suppliers

S301AB fully compatible with CMMB channel transmission and SI4542DY-T1-E3 Suppliers and multiplexing standards. The chip is the first channel transmission can really meet the standards for a variety of bit rates and different modulation modes of the state of the application of multiplexing demodulation chip solutions needs. In the receiver sensitivity, power consumption, size and other system specifications, S301AB meet or exceed the CMMB platform all the requirements of the commercial mass production. It supports SDIO, SPI and I2C, and other common interface, it can be in different RF front-end and back-end applications processor platform integrates the modem, so that cell phones and other portable terminal equipment manufacturers the flexibility to diversify front-end RF solutions and back-end applications processor with the program to choose. S301AB 0.13-micron process.

SI4542DY-T1-E3 Price

Four-phase power supply! That C61 has a four-phase power design? Soyo C61P makes a unique four-phase power supply which makes the power supply board has unmatched advantages of overclocking? A piece of cake .

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