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Ic SI4835DY-T1

Company believes that in the next few years will develop at least 170 versions of the RX MCU products, it is a 32-bit, 90nm structure based on a series of CISC products. Renesas has announced last year, the simple version of a RX is said to have been over from the rival ARM, Atmel, Freescale, Mirochip, MIPS, NXP, ST, TIs products.

SI4835DY-T1 Suppliers

has been able to achieve high precision recognition is based on the NEC Central Research Institute developed the market in 2002, face recognition / face matching engine "NeoFace" multiple alignment used face detection method and SI4835DY-T1 Suppliers and perturbation of space law, and the ability to identify the lighting and direction of changes in the environment under the conditions of sampling for the personal characteristics of a calculation method for new technology. a bit in the MCU Renesas analysts believe the new products will face some big challenges, in addition to MCU, the Renesas products will also focus on two , the analog / power devices and SoC.

SI4835DY-T1 Price

(1) RBC Capital Markets believe that the global semiconductor market has experienced after three seasons of the inventory correction, a number of products will soon be out of stock or more tight supply situation. For example, NAND flash memory shortages in both the whole of 2005 will continue. In wireless, GSM / GPRS / EDGE in the second quarter of this year, will start a strong trend, while CDMA is relatively weak. GSM in the first quarter were below seasonal patterns, has now begun to show vitality. In the wireline domain, RBC optimistic about Broadcom, Marvel and SI4835DY-T1 Price and other businesses. LCD TVs and other applications (such as a monitor) to digest in the inventory, demand increased by lowering the price after the encouraging signs have emerged. In addition, the company pointed out that many on behalf of the industrys capacity utilization has improved in the third quarter compared with fourth quarter production will be smart, in the second half of the product price may be increased by 5% Zhi 10% Renesas MCU Ritesh Tyagi, director of product marketing, said the companys future development and investment will be biased in favor of RX. Company policy will not change, as long as customers demand, Renesas will support it.

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