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Ic SI4890DY-T1-E3

"cold of winter, and IC SI4890DY-T1-E3 and then withered after the known pine also", CCID Consultings automotive electronics market the next few years is optimistic, first of all, the national economy still maintained rapid this year growth, although the growth rate has dropped slightly, but the fundamentals remain sound economic development. With the rapid economic growth on the transportation industry to promote and increase the range of daily activities of consumers arising from the demand for cars, making the domestic auto industry, although it will feel bursts of cold, growth is slowing down, but not really cold . March 1-8, 2008 National Automobile sales 6,548,500 and 6,477,800, an increase of 13.85% and 13.94%, of which 4.5503 million passenger cars were sold, an increase of 13.15%. Fully demonstrated the development of the domestic auto industry remains stable, the stability of the downstream application markets, to ensure the stable development of automotive electronics industry. Second, the current consumer electronics products, automotive passion remains the same, the vehicles electronic equipment is still not universal boom subsided, the domestic auto electronics market in the period of rapid growth, market fluctuations and risks of a strong resistance. Automotive electronics products in addition to the original period of growth or maturity, market penetration continues to increase; new steam

SI4890DY-T1-E3 Suppliers

Austria Microsystems has released AS3910 HF RFID reader IC. AS3910 has outstanding efficacy and SI4890DY-T1-E3 Suppliers and automatic antenna tuning, perfect for all kinds of used PCB antenna for portable applications and products.

SI4890DY-T1-E3 Price

With automatic load detection function ADA4431-1 video filter and SI4890DY-T1-E3 Price and drive the industrys lowest power filter can be used for portable DVD and gaming platforms, mobile phones, digital cameras and other mobile multimedia devices (for the TV-driven DC-coupled standard definition video signal). With the industry than the closest competing devices, load detection feature so that no video signal when the quiescent current consumption of the entire system by 30 times. In addition, new video filters built-in charge pump to replace the traditional AC output coupling, save the capacitor, saving board space, lower costs, more efficient design. ADA4431-1 uses the industrys thinnest lead frame chip scale package (LFCSP), is the thickness of only 0.55mm, the thickness of the traditional 35% LFCSP package. Part of the analog processing IC has excellent video performance, 5.5MHz flatness is 1dB, 28dB at 27MHz with inhibition at capacity, the differential gain and phase are 0.55% and 0.31 °. Load detection feature reduces power consumption ADA4431-1 video driver includes built-in load testing, when there is no video complex appears, you can turn off the video processing equipment, parts, mobile multimedia devices enabling lower power consumption. In addition, a signal for the application of audio and video jacks, the load detection can also detect non-video loads. The new filter is removed from the video signal chain, AC coupling capacitors ADA4431-1 using an efficient charge pump to generate a negative supply, allowing AC coupling capacitor without increasing the voltage source or additional cases, all video signals for proper processing and buffering. This feature not only saves valuable board space, and can reduce the expensive cost, and to ensure that the output point of the video signal using ground point along the set of the video signal after the appropriate driver to ensure a true video black level. Video filter and buffer with the U.S. company Analog Devices compatible with other components, including ADV739X compatible family of low-power video encoder products. Availability and Pricing with load testing features ADA4431-1 video filter and buffer the supply is now sampling with mass production in July 2007. 0.45 Quantitative offer one thousand U.S. dollars / piece. ADA4431-1 16-pin thin LFCSP (lead frame chip scale package), external dimensions: 3mmx3mmx0.55mm.

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