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Ic SI4946EY

Is the current DVI DVI-D interface is DVI-I and IC SI4946EY and two, both of specification, again divided into "single" and "Dual Channel" types, "single" and "double channel" interface is actually a 18-pin and 24-pin difference. 18 pin DVI is single, and 24-pin are dual-channel, ie, 18-pin 24-pin DVI transmission rate is only half as 165MHz. The screen display, the resolution of single channel and dual DVI support exactly the same channel, but the refresh rate is only about half of dual-channel will cause a decline in display quality. In general, single-channel DVI interfaces, can only support the maximum refresh rate to 1920 * 1080 * 60hz or 1600 * 1200 * 60hz, which has 23-inch widescreen display and 20-inch display properly monitor the proportion of ordinary, then high, then will result in a decline in display.

SI4946EY Suppliers

However, 2008 sales fell entirely to blame memory semiconductor supplier. 10 semiconductor suppliers, is expected to have six operating income decline in 2008, including several not focus on the storage vendor: Texas Instruments, and SI4946EY Suppliers and Sony Japans Renesas Technology.

SI4946EY Price

In order to improve the quality of the Internet Wangjiantongxin to protect the interests of the majority of Internet users, the Ministry of Information Industry and SI4946EY Price and the use of administrative, technical, economic and other means to focus on resolving the Internet backbone network between the "expansion difficult, poor quality" problems.

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