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Ic SI4953DY-T1-E3

Software copyright disputes in the East into the vortex at the media yesterday that the company will, for the first time Intel sued for infringement of their positive response. Said chairman Li Rujiang east, east infringement does not exist, they fell into a carefully set up the "intellectual property disputes traps" inside. To this end, the Russian Alfa Bank chief strategist, analyst Wei Fuer that since the vast deposits of natural gas in Turkmenistan, a major importer of natural gas has become the land of race.

SI4953DY-T1-E3 Suppliers

And then look at the beverage bar. The early eighties, with the vast land of China to the world, the mythical rise of a resounding name-J drink. Ten years later, the attack gradually drink abroad, this was the first drink for the Chinese enterprise has a splendid, and SI4953DY-T1-E3 Suppliers and gradually fade into memory. Longitudinal look at today's beverage market, growing and becoming four, only to see Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola beverage brands all kinds of foreign-controlled crowded, conquer new territories, Zhanshanweiwang. The vast majority of national brands, can only linger in the cracks.

SI4953DY-T1-E3 Price

Of course, as the mainstream high-definition film shows, RMVB / RM, AVI, and SI4953DY-T1-E3 Price and MKV video package is not falling, especially in MKV video, its new online video has become the main force. In the video encoding formats, H.264 compression ratio because of its large, high-definition movies has become the mainstream of network coding. K860 decoding scheme can provide H.264 (HP), Real8/9/10, WMV7/8/9, MPEG1/2/4, DivX3/4/5, Xvid, H.263, VP6, VP56/5/3, MJPEG, AVS, etc. almost all of the encoding format currently prevailing, and the computer "perfect decoding" the player is almost no difference, in particular, MKV with H.264, the perfect mix of high-definition video on the network is not only the main sources for the perfect support also a high quality guarantee.

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