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Ic SI4963DY-T1

pplied Materials Introduces PV turnkey solutions Sunfab has 5 lines in the global mass production or promotion stage. And wafer manufacturing equipment, although the traditional growth but still in a pickle.

SI4963DY-T1 Suppliers

As in 2010, the number of wafer fabs in operation is about 22, which also has over half of all LED plant; Also next year is expected to be opened Fab 28, including four memory plant. The end of 2010, the global wafer capacity has been built (not including discrete components), to an estimated 1,440 million units per month about when the 8-inch wafers in 2010, that figure is expected to grow 8% to 1,580 million per month 8-inch wafer equivalents.

SI4963DY-T1 Price

the previous stage, made a public letter to his subordinates, "the information industry development," Eleventh Five-Year "Plan and SI4963DY-T1 Price and 2020 on long-term Plan "clear that technology development will focus on the new components around the sensitive components and sensors. and for industrial development of the sensor provides a planning and policy support. from the" Eleventh Five-Year Plan "has the sensor market from China while undergoing a financial crisis, but maintained a strong overall pattern of rapidly-developed, most of the latest sensor technology first developed in foreign countries, but the real application is often the first in China to achieve, which is derived from Chinas vast and diverse sensor market characteristics. I believe that through the "Eleventh Five-Year" important development in sensor technology, China will have a further leap, a gradual reduction of the worlds advanced sensor technology gap between countries .

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