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Ic SI9410DY-T1

In entertainment, LG "happy school" built a 200-megapixel camera, you can always easily record every happy moment in life. Meanwhile, "Happy School" also supports MP3 music player, MPEG4 video playback; by 2.4 inches 240 × 320 pixel display, whether it is full of fun photos, record video beautiful story, full of music, or dynamic, can be more vividly given show. More exciting, more fun of course, have more memory to accommodate the collection, "Happy School" self-support group recorded 1000 phone book and IC SI9410DY-T1 and 500 SMS capacity, the largest support 4GB memory card, enough for users to store more more information and more exciting photos friends.

SI9410DY-T1 Suppliers

Close the sliding cover, LG "Happy School" will give users more exciting experience. Simply press the dial button below the touch-dial shortcuts, screen touch dialing operation can be achieved. Just tap the thumb, even if not immediately open the slide can easily find and SI9410DY-T1 Suppliers and contact friends and family, which is more convenient for "a chat" radio and chat with friends at any time.

SI9410DY-T1 Price

LG "happy school" can be a number of "chat group" of all ages, also in its design, the other "Q" status, that is, the addition of mobile phone version of QQ. Nowadays, as most young "chat group" like the online chat tools, QQ accession no doubt "Happy School" added more sweet temptation. Use of "happy school", if not sitting in front of the computer, you can also let friends see their QQ flash head, just touch of your thumb, you can easily feel the mobile phone anytime, anywhere wireless Internet chat fun. In addition, when you open the LG "happy school" will also find an unexpected surprise. SMS interface is obsolete the traditional, LG "happy school" message list with a conversational interface design, and SI9410DY-T1 Price and support contact picture display for the user to create a relaxed and fun Short communication environment so that messages can be as QQ, MSN general vivid Euro RSCG.

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