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FSEZ1016A is a primary-side regulation (PSR) pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller, able to meet the high-brightness (highbrightness, HB) light-emitting diode (LED) market, a key demand. It can simplify the design and IC SI9711CY and reduce board space, and provide important performance advantages. FSEZ1016A is the integration of a primary-side PWM controller and a power regulator MOSFET's EZSWITCH® PSRPWM controller, with built-in proprietary TRUECURRENT® technology and strict constant (constantvoltage, CV) range to achieve the most accurate constant current (constantcurrent, CC) control, without the use of secondary-side feedback circuit. Through a wide range of precise constant voltage, the same circuit to the number of different clusters can be used for LED, thereby enhancing design flexibility and shorten time to market and extend the HBLED life. Because this PSRPWM controller with high level of integration, thus saving board space, to meet the ever-shrinking dimensions bulb trends.

SI9711CY Suppliers

nalysis of simulation results This article is designed to simulate the filter circuit can be drawn from the simulation results shown in Figure 5. It can be seen from Figure 5, the filter in the passband curve in Figure 2 more than the flat, has become more close to the theoretical results.

SI9711CY Price

Toshiba's new 5,400 RPM hard drive capacity of 80GB to 320GB, and SI9711CY Price and 120GB respectively 160GB single platter disk in the MK-46GSX and MK-52GSX series. High-end 7,200 RPM MK-49GSY series with a capacity of 80GB to 200GB. All three series are to support SATA interface and data transfer rate of 3.0Gb per second, some models have a free-fall sensor options.

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