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Ic SI9945AEY-T1

(Electronic markets Reuters) Agilent Technologies Inc., Crolles2 Alliance has purchased three Agilent 93000 Pin Scale testers and IC SI9945AEY-T1 and four 4073 advanced parametric testers for the CMOS process technology R & D and industrialization. The coalition includes STMicroelectronics, Philips and Freescale Semiconductor, it has reached a joint development program with Agilent (JDP) protocol, which focuses on the development of nanotechnology can provide first-class engineering and industrial applications, testing software and hardware test capabilities. Agilent will work closely with the alliance for the production and development of first-class R & D and engineering design tools, its main focus is memory and mixed-signal device test. In exchange, the Alliance will work in the industrial environment and the use of environment-related testing techniques. The center of this alliance in France Crolles, has a 300 mm wafer production plant is currently producing 90 nm technology. The Alliance also has a 65 nm technology, pilot production line, is developing a 45 nm technology, plans to develop 32 nm technology. Technology to help its members to spread to multiple locations worldwide, the alliance need to have established a position in the global test equipment manufacturers. Agilent 93000 for the union of all the strategic partners SOC test platform for the global seamless technology transfer. "Crolles2 Alliance is committed to rapid development of cutting-edge technology, and promote the future development of generations of nanoelectronic devices, ensuring world-class semiconductor manufacturing capacity." Crolles2 Alliance, said Joel Hartmann, director, "93000 tester reliability, scalability and flexibility resistance, making it ideal for use in our work of the SOC test platform. "" to collaborate with the Crolles2 Alliance for the next generation of equipment to develop new testing methods, we are honored. "Agilents semiconductor test solutions, said Pascal Ronde, vice president "The group chose the Agilent test solution, once again confirmed the 93000 Series and 4070 Series testers to provide the important value of the industry."

SI9945AEY-T1 Suppliers

Tianjin Guang Tong Group launched with completely independent intellectual property rights of video decoder chip TBM5028. The chip technology in a leading position, with high commercial value. TBM5028 video decoding chip SMIC 0.18-micron process, the scale of hundreds of thousands of doors. High integration, small size, the image is clear, anti-interference ability, etc.; can be used for mobile TV, video surveillance systems, portable media players, digital TV set-top boxes and SI9945AEY-T1 Suppliers and other related products.

SI9945AEY-T1 Price

Store name of this very spirit oni ANC, called heroic. ANC oni think very far, standing on the balcony in winter to spring has seen the curtain, they believe that only experienced the baptism of winter, the spring flowers will open more red, and SI9945AEY-T1 Price and only experienced off-season dismally, to grasp the coming year, the sales peak. Winter comes, can spring not far away, in 2007, ANC Nocioni will once again raise the Yukiho voyage.

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