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Ic SL1925E

Linear Technologys LTC3108 uses a resonant step-up technology that can be as low as 20mV input voltage is raised to to the voltage supply for other devices, including 2.35V, 3.3V, 4.1V and IC SL1925E and 5V. The standard by using an external step-up transformer (20mV input in the number of turns recommended 1:100) and the coupling capacitance, with 3108 an internal depletion MOSFET, realized in the case of start-20mV input and energy access. Once the step-up program to establish business, began to provide a stable output voltage.

SL1925E Suppliers

.2 ADS7843s internal structure and SL1925E Suppliers and reference voltage mode selection DS7843 touch screen has been able to achieve control because of its internal structure is very easy to switch the electrode voltage, and can fast A / D conversion. ts internal structure shown in Figure 5, A2 ~ A0, and SER / for the control of register control bits, used for switching and reference voltage selection.

SL1925E Price

HP Singapore has developed the world's first Bluetooth color printer, users do not need to use it with the PC cable is connected, as long as Bluetooth-enabled desktop, laptop or mobile phone, you can "remote control" it to print. This sets the Bluetooth color inkjet printer for regular mobile sales staff, it is only the size of the computer keyboard for easy carrying. Its color printing accuracy 4800dpi, color performance is very realistic.

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