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Ic SLA7026M

As a Blackberry mobile phone after the transformation into a fashion product, the mobile phone great strides in transition to the entertainment. It supports full-screen movie playback, music player and IC SLA7026M and so on. Built-in 1G storage space body, can support up to 8GB of microSD card expansion. This product also supports GPS navigation, support for Wi-Fi, using BlackBerry OS4.7.0 upgraded operating system. BlackBerry 9530 is equipped with a processor clocked at 624MHz, and a 192MB of memory immediately (RAM), believe that speed should have a good performance.

SLA7026M Suppliers

Blackberry 9530 At first glance the appearance of the famous Blackberry 9500 basically no difference, then spared no expense to launch BlackBerry 9530 mobile phone meaning do? The difference between GSM and SLA7026M Suppliers and CDMA and the 9530 supports dual networks. Of course, this phone also has a new BlackBerry touch technology "SurePress" technology. "SurePress" technology, using words to describe the most simple is the best currently on the market allow users to feel realistic force feedback when touching the keyboard technology. This technique was applied to 9500 and received on the technological breakthroughs of this year's MWC Award.

SLA7026M Price

YORK YESKY Shanghai August 6 BlackBerry 9530 mobile phone configuration information look in the phone nowadays, it is a quasi-high-end phones, the new "SurePress" technology provide the user with a very comfortable for a sense of touch for many who do not like to phone a friend for its operation is extremely fascinating. BlackBerry may have the resources consumers worried about bad players BlackBerry cradle as one who, we do not doubt the DIY enthusiastic people. Gradual increase in living standards, people demand for mobile phones is not limited to communication, more of a pursuit of beauty and SLA7026M Price and entertainment properties of handset. Editor's learned from the wins HSBC communications, which offer 3,100 yuan

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