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Ic SM15T36CA

users reflect Mr. Hu, he bought 3 years ago, M2 Casio digital cameras have recently been the phenomenon of excessive battery discharge, the battery is fully charged the three in the machine store four days there will be a serious loss of power. "At that time did not think, think there might be too long battery time, coupled with this machine actually prefer to back for a piece of original Casio NP20 battery production. Unexpectedly, after the discovery put a new battery, new the battery inside the camera itself discharge the same situation there. Later I made a test, after the two batteries were placed in the machine is full, three to four days basically put out clean, and IC SM15T36CA and sometimes machines are not even opened, this doubt is not the machine itself the problem ."

SM15T36CA Suppliers

The world's first set of mobile phones, laptops, GPS mobile Internet communications terminal and SM15T36CA Suppliers and triple in one of the laptop front xpphone, running WindowsXP operating system, you can install and use unlimited internet and unlimited Internet software applications to meet our customers a full range mobile Internet applications, once available will be highly concerned about the industry and consumers, the value lies in front laptop through QQ, MSN, SKYPE and other VoIP software, significantly reduces the communication costs, completely changed the communication mode, expensive change of voice communication into a low-cost or even zero-cost data flow, like how to talk on how to talk, like how to use to how to use, free, free. Configure: GSM900/1800; 92 × 41 × 18.5 mm; weighs 59 grams, T66 body is small, the screen is not small, can display four lines of text and line identification.

SM15T36CA Price

Configuration, PL60 equipped with a 1/2.33 inch 10.2 million effective pixels of the CCD sensor, 5x optical zoom lens, equivalent to 35mm focal length 35-175mm, Close up from 5 ~ 50cm (Wide ), 100 ~ 200cm (Tele), aperture range of F3.3-F5.8, with double anti-shake function, sensitivity up to 1600. PL60 facial recognition technology can detect up to nine faces and SM15T36CA Price and automatically adjusts focus and exposure to ensure better image quality. PL60 intelligent scene recognition feature that automatically from 11 alternative scenarios select the most appropriate shooting mode, covering different from portrait to landscape scenes to ensure every shot is as your heart want. In addition, PL60 also has video capture, composition guidelines, smart albums and other functions, full multimedia capabilities of the camera increases.

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