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(Electronic markets Reuters) It is learned that Fairchild (Fairchild Semiconductor) announced the setting up design center in Qingdao, China to expand its global network. The design center will lock the global white goods and IC SMAJ10CA and consumer electronics equipment manufacturers, including the worlds third largest refrigerator maker Haier, providing power system solutions. According to market research agency iSuppli in the October 2005 survey data released by the Chinese household appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens) and production is expected in 2004 to 2008, an increase of 14%; fast, said the company chose the design center set up in Qingdao The main reason, but also to make the system closer to the local experts, white goods and consumer electronics equipment manufacturing industry leader. The design center is equipped with years of experience in system design engineers, will use the product quickly to play its technical expertise for high-definition TV, LCD TV, inverter air conditioning and mobile phone design applications, offering a simplified motor design to improve energy efficiency and savings circuit board area solution. Fast and has integrated its resources on the site, integration of design, selection and training tools, providing customers with real-time access to relevant information.

SMAJ10CA Suppliers

The other hand, the leading ASIC development costs continue to rise until 2000 from $ 10,000,000 million. Only the largest and SMAJ10CA Suppliers and most successful companies to be able to afford such high development costs, which is actually the small manufacturers, the second and third tier manufacturers, squeezed out. iSuppli Corporation believes that small firms will face this choice: the old technology in design is the production cost may be higher, or completely out of the market. Therefore, iSuppli predicts that chip market next five years, private consumption will be the sharp consolidation may also occur earlier.

SMAJ10CA Price

Under normal circumstances, if the digital camera's image quality is good, as long as adjust the white balance and SMAJ10CA Price and other parameters, the effect of making it there will be no color cast, and if the image quality is not good, the blue with white goods side when shooting blue, red with white goods will shoot the red side, and so on.

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