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ESD7L5.0D using very small 1.2 mm x 1.2 mm x 0.5 mm SOT-723 package, the protection of each line of 0.5 picofarads (pF) capacitance of the two high-speed data lines. ON Semiconductor will be low capacitance technology integration to 3-pin package offers designers a single device to protect the USB2.0 port D + and IC SMBJ13CA and D-line solutions. ESD7L5.0D also can be connected cathode to cathode to protect the 0.25 pF capacitor in a two-way line, ideal for protecting high frequency radio frequency (RF) antenna line.

SMBJ13CA Suppliers

Hewlett-Packard, said the four countries of the BRIC positive development will give it direction, but also from a Chinese top list shows the new supercomputer, HP accounted for a large advantage, although IBM, as usual, has the best chassis. Together with partners Hewlett-Packard "balance" R & B level, which marks the continued development of the overall trend of HPC was.

SMBJ13CA Price

However, this practice of over-reliance on the North American market has also brought disadvantages. North America, the first outbreak of the financial crisis as one of the regions, the initial level occurred in the sub-prime credit crisis has affected the real economy, leading to weak consumption.

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