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In addition, LED lights high prices make the market share is relatively limited. I visited the market found that most ordinary fluorescent lamps LED lamps are more than 10 times the price to many families use 10-watt lamp as an example 0.6 meters, LED fluorescent lamp price is 148 yuan, although its effect is equivalent to 21 watts of light fluorescent lamps, but the price is 10 times the normal fluorescent lamps, is currently on the market price of the mainstream energy efficient light about 5 times. Similarly, the market 5-watt LED bulb price of up to 105 yuan, equivalent to 20 times the ordinary light bulbs, energy saving lamp is equivalent to about 5 times. The industry is difficult for consumers to accept the high prices and IC SMDA05C and other household LED lighting the main reason.

SMDA05C Suppliers

from the foreign media reports, as the current smart phone mobile processor chipset, the major manufacturers ARM, Cortex-A9 of its next-generation dual-core processor has successfully completed the tape. The new Cortex-A9 processor will use the 28nm process technology, the use of dual-core design, to provide 2-2.5GHz operating frequency, applied voltage overclocking will reach 2.8GHz frequency.

SMDA05C Price

In the small size of the market after the success of optical flying together is obviously the next target large-size LCD TV. End of last year has taken the lead in the domestic industry to complete the application 26-46 inch LEDTV 5630LED used on small batch production, in the x0.25 and SMDA05C Price and y0.22 coordinates, luminous efficiency 65LM / W or more, TV color saturation at 80 above. 150mA at room temperature for 1000 hours under the lights, light failure less than 5% In 2009 July 1WLED successfully developed their resistance in the 5 ℃ / W less, the future will be in large quantities for lighting and 50 inches above the LEDTV. # # # # # in which 020,010 products side LED backlight is the main device. Production of high precision and difficult to control color uniformity, high added value LED products. "Through our investigation, large-scale package with a capacity of 020,010 high-performance products, domestic enterprises are only Jufei Optoelectronics. At present, the poly white hair flying in the side of the 020,010 products by ZTE, BYD, Truly, Shenzhen Timor light, such as Jiangxi joint creation recognized by the customers, are cost-effective alternative to high foreign Samsung, Japan and Taiwan, the same type of sub-products. "Xingqi Bin said," to Samsung, for example, a color area is equivalent to Samsung Jufei 3 - 4-color areas. So good consistency of our products to improve the customer's usage, thereby reducing the customer's product material cost, widely praised by customers ."

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