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Ic SN5406J

Zhang Yi: 40% gross margin in the industry is non-normal situation, it is because in case of shortage of raw materials in 2007, relying on a long single lock part of the raw materials, gross profit is very high. Now the upstream raw material prices, a long single lock on the uneconomical, but in the long run, a long single lock of raw materials has against price fluctuations, raw material shortage risks. the future, the company expected gross margin of 10% to 20%, and IC SN5406J and if we can maintain this level of long-term, has been a very amazing .

SN5406J Suppliers

users typically used in many modern devices the size of the keyboard and SN5406J Suppliers and press the button "feel." Touch screen and capacitive sensors provide an interactive user interface, but because there are no buttons, the user can not touch in their experience the feeling of the above. MAX11835 for the touch screen and capacitive touch buttons added mechanical feedback. The product can with any touch screen or touch keys used in conjunction with the controller, but the use of the Maxims TacTouch technology, so in with the Maxims touch screen controller, can also provide access to Maxims in-depth support and reference design that enables the best the tactile experience and the most simple design.

SN5406J Price

The next 6 years, China's LED industry will be driven by three areas. "Opinions" made in 2015, functional lighting, LCD backlight, landscape and SN5406J Price and other decorative lighting products for semiconductor market penetration will reach 20%, 50% and 70% or more.

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