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starting from the lowest 3Hz continuous coverage 26.5GHz, 3280 Series the perfect solution low-frequency response measurements in applications such as audio signal measurement capabilities, making high-performance analog circuit design and IC SN65HVD230DR and debug an indispensable tool; in signal analysis applications, 3280 Series offers a unique automatic signal search mode, the user at any time Simply connect the signal to the spectrum analyzer, AutoTune touch to any carrier to complete one-click search and display the frequency response of reading the signal for the user to search or emergency troubleshooting, further saving time and improving accuracy of signal search degree; 3280 built-in up to 5 harmonics automatic search mode, any time users can get in touch mode, harmonic distortion measurements; phase-noise measurement mode automatic carrier has a key search capability, this flexible tool dBc / Hz (offset frequency of the number of coordinate system) or a point in the rapid generation of carrier-frequency phase noise figure, measuring jitter; built-in power probe model for board-level signal detection circuit connected to bring the convenience; 3280 series also provides evaluation of a variety of conventional application mode measurements, including time-domain measurements, channel power, power spectral density, o-pass power, occupied bandwidth, spectrum mask testing, third-order intercept (TOI) measurement, XdB down, CCDF complementary cumulative distribution power function measurement and installation of tracking the source of transmission option mode measurement capability.

SN65HVD230DR Suppliers

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SN65HVD230DR Price

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