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In LIANG Zhi-peng view, within the next two to three years, the domestic photovoltaic power plant construction scale is more appropriate for more than 100 million kilowatts, about 2008, the size of the domestic photovoltaic cell production capacity of 1 / 3. Scale in a single project, 1 million kilowatts, or two or three million kilowatts more appropriate.

SN65LVDS179DGK Suppliers

The industry believes that with the advent of 3G mobile era, mobile phone store, mobile shopping, mobile commerce will be as a new business model there, its payment transactions more convenient and SN65LVDS179DGK Suppliers and efficient security needs, in large part to promote The opening of the mobile banking firm adhesion rate and a high degree of utilization, and improve the continuing escalation of mobile banking, mobile life and will also bring a new "fast" channels.

SN65LVDS179DGK Price

After continuous upgrading and SN65LVDS179DGK Price and improvement, especially in the early stage of NVIDIA technology for game makers are in place to support the case, "JX 3" has transcended the scope of the general 3D online games, it is currently very popular the first to support PhysX physics acceleration technology , gives players a very realistic game play. Whether it is snowing in the game or the tree shadows fly, PhysX physics are based on the real show, allowing the player in combat or even walk there when viewing from the immersive realism !

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