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9500GT graphics card as the main NIVDIA new generation of entry-level to support the PCI-E2.0 specification, while a new upgrade to the third generation video engine PureVideo technology, full hardware to increase VC-1 video decoder, you can say that it is beyond the 8600GT. Today I was informed that the price of ASUS EN9500GTMAGIC/DI/512M arrival 599. Superior quality of the ASUS graphics card price higher than the 2-wire manufacturers have a chip, here we take a look at this card.

SN65LVDS31D Suppliers

CR turns on, AC mains voltage is applied to the LED lights is almost the same time the LC input filter power supply. Applied to the inductor voltage step will lead to oscillations. If the dimmer than the current in the thyristor current during oscillation, SCR will stop conducting. SCR trigger circuit charging, then turn on the dimmer. This irregular SCR restart several times, LED lights can produce unwanted audio noise and SN65LVDS31D Suppliers and flashing. EMI filter design is more simple to help reduce such unnecessary oscillation. Dimming in order to achieve success, the input EMI filter inductors and capacitors must be as small as possible.

SN65LVDS31D Price

With the arrival of school, major PC hardware manufacturers continue to introduce new models will cut prices to compete for students in the market. Today I learned that well-known card brand launched Yi Cai Colorful 250-GD3 arrival frozen knight 3F1GT08 Shenzhen market, the latest offer 799 yuan. The card color 250-GD3 in the Plaza Knights 3F1GM08 ice cooling system on the basis of a change, using the latest design of the Hornet cooling system, let Xiaobian take you to see the arrival of this new card.

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