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Ic SN74ABT16373ADL

International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned in a report that the emerging East Asian markets may no longer rely on the electronics industry to sustain economic growth. IMF said in the report, and IC SN74ABT16373ADL and prosperous digital consumer electronics markets helped sustain export growth in Malaysia and Thailand, and Indonesia and the Philippines to promote the electronic export industry "significantly improved." But the IMF warned that the electronics industry has a "tentative signs of a slowdown," including high-tech companys stock a "sharp correction", the U.S. manufacturing purchasing managers index decline and continued to decline in imports of electronic products in China. IMF said Chinas weaker demand for electronic products, and getting lower and lower profit margins, may result in South Korea and Taiwan, a special "negative impact." After all, many parts manufacturers in China from South Korea and Taiwan. IMF also noted that the rapid growth in capital equipment spending may lead to oversupply in some areas, "especially flash memory, prices and profit margins are expected to fall." For the Asian region, especially in export-dependent economies such as Thailand and Malaysia for more serious problem is the long-term downturn in the U.S. market. But the IMF said its negative impact may vary due to strong demand in China to reduce. In addition, IMF evaluation of memory chip makers long-term prospects remain good, Microsofts upcoming Windows Vista operating system, and the cell phones and game consoles in the increasing use of DRAM, memory chips may also stimulate sales. IMF estimates that in 2009 the Asian manufacturers in the global semiconductor market share to nearly 50%, while Japan, South Korea and Taiwan will be the main beneficiaries.

SN74ABT16373ADL Suppliers

It is reported that the Intel sued the east, not just the U.S. headquarters of direct action, and SN74ABT16373ADL Suppliers and the subject of a claim up to 700 million dollars, just the companys assets with east rather, apparently to go bankrupt at once to the east and not leave any room. This tactic can be described as ruthless. around this lawsuit right and wrong, or left to the media to discuss, to mining. I just want to analyze the macro background of this lawsuit.

SN74ABT16373ADL Price

FED technology in the rapid response time, high efficiency, brightness and SN74ABT16373ADL Price and contrast not only with the traditional CRT terms comparable picture quality and power efficiency are more excellent, the future market FED technology development for high-end displays, OLED could become the later, another flat panel display technology, new choices, and AUO to obtain this intelligence assets also will become the strong backing of the unique competitive.

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