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A new industry to seize the commanding heights of semiconductor lighting the battle has been fought in the world. In 2006, global semiconductor sales in the lighting market over seven billion U.S. dollars, the average annual growth rate of more than 20%, the next 5-10 years will form a 50 billion -1000 billion potential market. Semiconductor lighting (light-emitting diode, the English referred to as LED) is a new type of solid-state light source, has appeared in a special energy saving lighting, landscape lighting, for example, 70% energy saving, energy saving 80% of the traffic lights, is recognized worldwide as an important way to energy saving . It is understood that, in view of encouraging the development of semiconductor lighting industry prospects in recent years, "the 21th century project," United States "the next generation of lighting plan," the EU "Rainbow Plan", South Korea, "GaN semiconductor light-emitting Plan" and IC SN74ACT245DW and other government programs have started. China in June 2003 also established the National Semiconductor Lighting Project Coordination Leading Group, National Semiconductor Lighting Project started. Industry sources say that the face of great temptation semiconductor lighting market, the worlds three traditional lighting industry giant Philips, General Electric, Osram and semiconductor companies are setting up semiconductor lighting company. Currently, the semiconductor light-emitting efficiency than incandescent lighting, are faster to expand its wide range of applications, large-size LCD TV backlighting, automotive, commercial and industrial LED lighting have gradually become the main fields of application. In 2010, LED will be more than fluorescent light, into the general lighting, energy-saving effect will be more significant.

SN74ACT245DW Suppliers

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SN74ACT245DW Price

the usual classification, lithium-ion battery industry chain is designated as the upstream resources, cathode material, anode material, electrolyte, separator, batteries battery, battery management system 7 links. How about domestic developments ?

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