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Soft Ferrite is in a large number of high-frequency power electronic transformer for use in the core material, and IC SN74AHC1G14DBVR and metal soft magnetic materials, the soft ferrite magnetic saturation low density, low permeability, Curie temperature is low, its several weaknesses. Especially in the low Curie temperature, saturation flux density Bs and the power loss Pcv unit volume will change with temperature. Temperature rise, Bs down, Pcv began to fall, then rise to the valley point. Therefore, in high temperature conditions, as long as the Bs to maintain a high level, it can choose to work Bm flux density was higher, thus reducing the number of turns, reducing the amount and cost of copper. High temperature and high saturation flux density ferrite materials, electronic transformers can also be used to expand the upper temperature limit of 150 to 120 or even beneficial interest.

SN74AHC1G14DBVR Suppliers

Currently, the U.S. remains the worlds largest automobile production and SN74AHC1G14DBVR Suppliers and sales of state, but its domestic car sales began to decline from 2006. Soft magnetic composite particles can be iron, nickel, cobalt, iron, nickel alloy, iron, nickel-molybdenum alloy, iron alloy, iron-based non- alloy, Fe-based soft ferrite Jinghe gold crushed and made into powder.


as an electronic transformer for a large class of frequency transformers, with the work of the core material of high flux density, you can not reduce the core section and SN74AHC1G14DBVR Price and volume, but to reduce Coils , reduced the amount of copper. Copper prices now much higher than the core material circumstances, may be a better design improvements.

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