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LED developed rapidly, but there is also need to overcome the shortcomings: (1), the brightness is insufficient; (2), the price is too high; (3), a single species: single plane alignment mode, the beam is not adjustable (spot not adjustable); (4), sensitive to temperature: heat dissipation more difficult to solve.

SN74ALS163BNS Suppliers

chains authoritys annual list of China - "China Chain hundred in 2007," released by the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, "First Financial Daily" informed that Gome Group to 102.35 billion yuan sales, 1,020 stores in the first place the scale again.

SN74ALS163BNS Price

On the other hand, Taipower Taipower uses proprietary K5 c-Paper technology color LCD screen, this technology was carried out from the underlying driver of technological innovation, optimize brightness, contrast, curves, can be reached with EINK Electronics ink screen similar to the soft eye, energy saving effect. Taipower K5 reading the screen very soft natural light, suitable for a long time to read, you can read for 12 hours continuously, page 3000 or more. The market more than other color-screen e-book is an ordinary TFT LCD screen, slightly lowered the brightness, there is no technical content, in reading comfort and SN74ALS163BNS Price and battery life, the K5 and professional Taipower is still a considerable gap.

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