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(Electronic markets Reuters) According to foreign media reports, "Semiconductor Industry Association" (SIA) has predicted the global chip market this year, an increase of 7.9%. Recently, the association will increase the estimate increased to 9.8%. SIA said the correction was mainly due to the global mobile phone market, the demand for semiconductor products is much better than expected. SIA originally expected that this years global chip market will grow 7.9%, reaching 245 billion U.S. dollars. The new increase of 9.8%, so that the market value this year is expected to reach 249 billion U.S. dollars. SAI this year while the global semiconductor market in 2009 made a more optimistic estimate. The association said that next year the global semiconductor market will grow by 11% in 2008, will grow by 12% in 2009 to grow by 4%. If the SIAs forecast a reality by 2009, global semiconductor sales will reach 323 billion U.S. dollars. Last year, semiconductor sales to 227.5 billion U.S. dollars actually. According to the new SIA forecast, from 2005 to 2009, global semiconductor market will grow 9.2% per year compound annual growth rate. "Semiconductor Industry Association," the main Xi Qiao Zhi Si Ka Rice said in a statement Wednesday: "end-market demand for the chips better than expected, particularly in the area of consumer demand, prompted us to modify the semiconductor industry this year, the estimated market growth . In the fast-growing end-markets, mobile phones, especially 3G phones is very obvious demand for chips. "ska-Royce said:" We believe that will be sold worldwide this year, one billion mobile phones. in accordance with 41 per phone U.S. semiconductor products calculation, consumption in the chip, the phone next to the computer. "ska Rice mentioned other factors that promote the demand for semiconductor products include personal computers, digital cameras, digital televisions, portable music player. He said: "These products market this year will achieve double-digit growth in the forecast period (to 2009), we think they will maintain a sustained growth." [Name] Sony Ericsson C902 [sale price] 950 (cash on delivery services to support the Beijing area) [business name] 51 cell phone [Contact ] Phone :010 -89127200 / 18910693151 [Address], Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing 3, River Village Court, Unit 3, Building 4, Room 531,

SN74ALS245AN Suppliers

Sony Ericsson C902 is worth mentioning that, in the use of new "x-Pictstory" mood slideshow feature, users can also use the camera phone photos with music, create slide beautifully cool music playing on the phone. A cell phone so your heart does not it? Like this phone a friend may wish to contact our recommended merchant bar !

SN74ALS245AN Price

3G era, the world is flat. The face of China, the hottest mobile phone market, the international giants in the 2G desire to continue to defend their own era of absolute advantage, and SN74ALS245AN Price and the first national mobile phone is expected to equal the competition to win the revival of hope. In the intense change and the unknown, Jin has to become more focused and pragmatic attitude, proposed a "practical and easy to use for 3G," the idea.

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