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R8J66954BG features are summarized below. (1) the main LCD digital TV processing methods include single-chip MPEG decoder chip and IC SN74ALS541DW and panel signal processing functions, including the North American front-end digital broadcasting signal 8VSB, MPEG decoding processing, noise reduction circuit, de-interlacing circuit, closed captioning and the like data slicer functions, and as the LCD panel signal processing functions of the implementation of color management in the NCM (Natural Color Matrix). In addition, noise reduction, de-interlacing and NTSC Y / C separation circuit with integrated 3-D processing, contribute to high-definition video display.

SN74ALS541DW Suppliers

According to professional estimates, accounting for LCD flat-panel LCD module machine costs about 220% -40%. Shenzhen-made flat-panel LCD TV business invariably enter the upstream industry chain to overcome technical bottlenecks, increase the competitiveness of flat-panel technology era. Recently, the U.S. economys recession will not have much investment in commercial and SN74ALS541DW Suppliers and consumer influence, market research organizations, Gartner raised its forecast of global semiconductor market.

SN74ALS541DW Price

ATI HD4850 launched its performance is obvious to all , and SN74ALS541DW Price and the price is relatively low, the current HD4850 many products on the market, consumers are also difficult to choose, today, to introduce a Xiaobian out by the Yeston Yeston R4850 a non-public version of the game master, the graphics frequency performance higher than the public version of the design, materials used is quite the value. A friend in need can come to see.

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