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Onda have confirmed, this VI10 is a 7.0 inch high definition touch model is based Onda MP4 in VX580R intelligent and IC SN74ALVC08PWR and comprehensive update of the VI on the smart MID series, will be fully integrated within the industry leading technology is now , WIFI network applications and more complete Android platform. Onda VI10 is just the beginning, has reason to believe, as the domestic market share of the first Onda, will bring intelligent universal access to handheld digital devices, we will wait and see !

SN74ALVC08PWR Suppliers

[ Brand Model] HTC S600 [Reference price] 2099 yuan [sales business] Hongxin through mobile phone network [business address] 11 Main Street, Haidian District, Beijing World Cyber Plaza, Zhongguancun e 11th Floor, Room 1156 C [business telephone] Beijing :010 -6268497062684971 :021 -63179281 Shanghai, Shenzhen, Shenyang :024 :0755 -8304848183048482 -8850422688516395 Taiyuan, Xi'an :029 :0351 -4,155,167 -87,209,005 -86,789,313 :028 Chengdu, Zhengzhou :0371 -69,328,082 Guangzhou :020 -83762780


He said that the third or fourth competitor in the mobile does not pose a serious threat, because the large number of China's population, while mobile penetration is relatively low; even smaller market share, China Mobile will also get more revenue. # # # # # He said the Government believes that competition in the mobile market is still not sufficient, so hope to see more competition in the next few years may be issued a new mobile phone licenses .

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