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What is IC? Experts, this is a "process of sand into a chip." To extract people from the sand column of silicon, sliced, in silicon, "re-creation", to produce integrated circuits. We see the TV, using mobile phones to be used in integrated circuits. However, the advent of the financial crisis, integrated circuits and IC SN74CBT3384APW and change back the "sand", the price fall far off the mark.

SN74CBT3384APW Suppliers

strong public version of the campus turmoil of this product, value for money with the card comes with a three gifts, including "Colorful anti-static gloves," "Colorful Campus public version of the Storm Demo Test CD "and" Silver Arctic Silver thermal paste. " So that we do not have to think twice while electrostatic damage to fully experience the transformation of the hardware card cooling fun, "Colorful campus public version of the Storm Demo test disc," a collection of popular and SN74CBT3384APW Suppliers and a large number of 3DDemo test software demos and the latest version of NVIDIA decoder and a large number of PureVideoDecoder HDTV test video, so that everyone can experience the full public version of Colorful Red Storm products to give us the visual impact. AN611-AM2, green PCB board is particularly seductive, yellow, green, red and orange slot with a variety of colors with a very lively, the overall adequacy of materials, solid workmanship.

SN74CBT3384APW Price

i Junfeng also pointed out that the current lack of domestic PV industry pricing policies mature, but the state will continue to take power project in the form of concession tender to explore and SN74CBT3384APW Price and reasonable pricing. Is expected during the second five in the PV industry, China will be introduced similar to the benchmark price of wind power, and have the resources to price differences. "He said.

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