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Ic SN74F244N

DS38EP100 chip in addition to the FR-4 backplane doubling the transmission distance, but also can be 5 meters long, low-cost 28AWG HDMI cable to a balanced and IC SN74F244N and ensure that the data transfer rate up to 3.4Gbps. Meanwhile, the chip can also signal enhancement to 7dB, while the input / output impedance of only 100Ω. DS38EP100 chip supports a variety of data encoding techniques, such as 8-bit / 10-bit signal, confidentiality signals. DS80EP100 and DS38EP100 chip roughly the same specifications, but the transmission distance and speed are slightly different, for example, the chip can be up to the FR-4 backplane transmission line or 20-inch or 5 meters of 26AWG cable to be balanced, and the two transmission speed can be up to those who 10Gbps. In addition, the two equalizers can be -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees C temperature range of normal operation.

SN74F244N Suppliers

Because these two low-power equalizer without power or ground, therefore system design Engineers can easily DS38EP100 and SN74F244N Suppliers and DS80EP100 into the cable, connector, or floor, or even without changes to the circuit layout can be placed in the circuit boards. Designers can these chips with active equalizer or limiting amplifier in series with a view to further expansion of FR-4 circuit boards and cable transmission range.

SN74F244N Price

DS38EP100 and SN74F244N Price and DS80EP100 chips for routers, storage subsystems and wireless base stations and so many different applications. Both chips are in a small 6-pin LLP package, suitable for limited space and circuit layout-intensive systems, such as medical equipment, security systems and industrial imaging systems in the cable or connector. DS38EP100 chip to 5Gbps 1Gbps speed in the range of operation, and DS80EP100 chip is applicable to 5Gbps to 10Gbps speed range. Both chips are widely used in High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Digital Visual Interface (DVI), PCI Express interface and XAUI interface system.

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